Monday, 4 August 2008

Onwards and upwards

Have had a really hectic few days but am catching my breath before I get back to the grind. The fair I had a stall at on Saturday was reasonably successful but I have been reliably informed by regular stallholders that the first week is always the quietest, here's hoping!

The two gallery ranges are just about finished and one will going to it's new home tomorrow and the other the following day then the next few days will be spent finishing off the 6!! commissions I have. I am making a recycled copper tiara and three sets of wedding jewellery so I don't think I will be seeing anything apart from my bench until Friday. I really love what I do but I really really need to learn to say no sometimes.

On a positive note my belief in Karma has been reinforced. I was planning to join a few other artists in stocking a stall for the four weeks of the Edinburgh Festival but, due to family circumstances I had to back out. I am thankful that I did I would never have been able to do this as well as everything else, and I have been able to concentrate on my own work and promoting it. Everything happens for a reason.

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