Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New pictures- part 2

Last one in this post. I made coiled beads from recycled copper fashioned a square frame from silver, added chocolate coloured cultured fresh water pearls and bail silver beads to make these unique and quirky earrings I thinks they look fab but I'm biased!!!!!!

I love these earrings and have made a slightly larger pair for myself. The recycled copper wire was coiled and I added lovely charcoal grey cultured freshwater pearls on silver wire at the bottom. The fittings are sterling silver too as I never use the raw copper for earwire, way too risky!!!

This pendant is a bit of an experiment in riveting, I used recycled copper sheet which I hand textured and drilled. The silver piece is the handle of a silver spoon (I used the bowl for another pendant for little old me) which I hammered flat and riveted then soldered to the pendant. I love the ridges on the handle which were there already.

This is a pendant made from recycled copper sheet which I fold formed and added cultured fresh water pearls and a sterling silver handmade bail. I have left it to darken naturally which has given it a really nice colour

This is a pendant made from cultured freshwater pearls and recycled copper. I love making these nest because quite frankly you never really know how they will turn out which lends itself very well to my low boredom threshold lol!

Some New pictures of my jewelllery- part one

After hunting high and low I have finally given and admitted defeat someone has stolen the backpack containing my camera, bummer!!!! I have had to borrow a camera from a friend which is not that great but I am really greatful all the same. This is a selection of my work including one piece made from recycled sheet music and jade beads.